The Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet is famous for how simple it’s supposed to be.┬áIt is widely known as the idiot’s guide to fast fat loss. But is this really the case? Can any weight loss plan be so simple and yet so effective?

To answer the first question, regarding of how simple this diet is, I will go over how this diet works.

Fat Loss for Idiots works with a simple menu generating software. You work with this software by selecting a group of food items which you love to eat from a long list of appropriate items. This is a short process which takes mere minutes to do. The menu is online so you just need to login and can access it from any computer you want.

Once you’ve chosen your food items, the software generates a personal menu for you with 4 meals each day made up of the food items you chose. That’s it. You’re good to go. All you need to do is follow the menu. Simple right? In fact, it’s so simple that even an idiot could do it, which is why this plan is also known as the idiot’s guide to fat loss.

But Fat Loss 4 Idiots isn’t just simple, it’s also effective. During the last 2 years I’ve had contact with over 652 people who’ve used this diet and while not all of them succeeded with it (no diet is foolproof) the vast majority of them lost weight, some of them lots of it, and kept it off far into the future.

I believe that Fat Loss 4 Idiots is so effective because it is easy to use, fits in with your lifestyle, doesn’t starve you, helps to keep your metabolism running high, and allows you to enjoy yourself while you lose weight. These are the keys to a long term weight loss.

To read how other people are doing on this diet, visit this webpage:
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