Even if you eat nothing but lettuce and pine nuts all day, you’re not going to lose any weight unless you do some exercise. It’s your sedentary lifestyle that has to go. You have to get up off that couch and take up some kind of active passtime. Start walking or biking to places where you don’t really need to drive.

Really, you can eat a jelly donut if you want to, swim laps for 10 minutes and you’ll be a thinner person afterwards. It’s that exercise that gets your weight down. There’s really no need to deprive yourself of chocolate ice cream if that’s what you’re into, you just have to do some running, maybe do some jumping jacks or whatever. Get a jump rope and learn some of those tricks that Rocky does and pretend Burgess Meredith is yelling at you.
Now, fat loss specifically is going to be a little more in-depth, but it’s not rocket science. Basically, you just take the advice above and fine tune it with some simple tips. There’s a few things you can do to target fat specifically in your weight loss, and some ways to get your metabolism away from storing a lot of fat.

Most importantly, you have to start reading nutrition labels and cut fatty foods out of your diet. People think that taking health class in high school made them a dietician and it’s just not that simple. You have to start looking at everything you eat and make a note of the amount of fat it has in it. Anything over a few grams of fat you have to try to get rid of it. Don’t worry about saturated and polyunsaturated and all that, just keep the total fat low.
The exercise compliment to that diet advice would be to do some hard aerobic type stuff. Getting into a boxing regimen would be great, swimming is good too. Dancing is another excellent way to get your entire body in shape, but I’m talking about going down to the nightclub on weekends and pounding a fifth of vodka and taking a hit of E, I mean you have to go down to the studio and do a serious routine where you have to stretch first and all that.

There’s some other tricks too. One good one is snacking throughout the day rather than having a few big meals. When you eat before you start getting really hungry, your body isn’t so inclined to build up fat deposits.

Another thing is to stay away from diet pop. Basically, the sugar substitutes make your body think that it needs to build up more fat than it does, I’m not going to get into the science behind it. You can put out a google on that one if you don’t believe me.
The key to making this all work is to make it a habit, don’t just do it for a week and forget about it. You do that much and you’re going to do just fine, Chubbs.

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