One of the best ingredients in the recipe of a successful life is discipline. It helps achieve goals. To lead a disciplined life, many people have turned towards the traditional Indian practice of Yoga. Among the various health benefits that yoga offers is easy and consistent weight loss. However, results may vary depending upon many factors, such as type of yoga being performed and body type.

Which Types Of Yoga Help Lose Weight?

Power yoga, which is a combination of traditional yoga and cardiovascular activity, is quite helpful in losing weight. However, some experts still support running, swimming and other cardiovascular exercises as more successful in promoting weight loss.

Hot yoga is widely considered to increase weight loss through sweating. This is called so as it is performed under a temperature of 105 degrees F (40.55 C) that leads to water weight loss. But weight loss through excessive sweating is not permanent weight loss, so it must be combined with other weight loss exercises.

You can also try hatha yoga, which is the regular mat yoga, to lose weight. This requires you to attend a class everyday for one hour. Hatha yoga is also beneficial in toning muscles and increasing flexibility.

How Fast Can One Lose Weight Through Yoga?

Regular mat yoga, often called hatha yoga, does cause some weight loss, though consistent practice of at least one class a day is needed. It can also cause muscles to become more toned and flexible, a desirable benefit. A one-hour hatha yoga class does not burn the same amount of calories as a one hour of fast walking. On average, the one-hour yoga class burns about 100 calories.

It must be kept in mind that yoga tends to improve overall health. So, the pace at which you lose weight may remain slow. According to a study by Alan Kristal for the National Cancer Institute, individuals who practiced yoga every week for an hour lost around 5 pounds each in four years. However, those who did not practice it gained 14 pounds each year over the same period. So, yoga not only helps lose weight, albeit slowly, but also checks weight gain.

Yoga helps create mind and body awareness that increases your ability to notice when you are hungry and when to stop eating. It may seem challenging to start with, but a number of people have benefitted from a disciplined approach to yoga.

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