Are you like 99% of the rest of the world and need help to lose weight? I wish we could pull an “I Dream of Genie” and cross our arms and blink our eyes and POOF, we are now our perfect body type. We need to jump out of the genie bottle and back to reality. We need help to lose weight; there is nothing wrong with that. Now that we’re getting to know one another, let’s talk about it.

I’ll start. I am about six feet tall and I weigh 225 pounds. I don’t look too bad as long as I keep my shirt on, but beach season is upon us. I work and “9-5”, which I quoted because in all reality it feels like a 9 to 9. Again, not complaining, I’m grateful for the work, but by the time I come home, I’m beat and ready to go down for the evening. Alright, so I am clearly not my ideal weight and I am about 30 pounds from that level, even though my Body Mass Index (BMI) shows that I should be closer to 180 pounds when it is all said and done. Yeah right, I’ve got a box of cookies that says otherwise.

This is how I plan on doing it and I hope to help you lose weight too. First we need to know the facts. Fact, approximately 3500 calories equals 1 pound of fat. We should keep that in the back of our minds for now. Next, we need to track what we eat and how much we work out. For my body type, I should be consuming about 2000 calories per day because that is amount that I am expending without doing rigorous work or exercise. Now let’s do the math. So if I eat less than 2000 calories per day and / or workout rigorously to burn calories, I should start seeing improvements right? Basic arithmetic, as long as my caloric intake + my caloric outflow

Here are some hints to help you lose weight. One, don’t over do it. By this I mean do not binge or excessively exercise because both are unhealthy habits. Keep it healthy. Complete a workout or exercise at least three times a week for at least thirty minutes. You should work out hard enough to burn 300-500 calories each session. Finally, keep a record of what you do. Records help you monitor progress.

Once you have an eating agenda and found some time to workout, you will want to determine a weight loss program that fits your needs and body type. I have taken the time to look over the Top 5 Programs for Losing Weight that will fit anyone’s body type and lifestyle and I have provided reviews on each. Should you not be happy with the results of any of these products, each one comes with a money back guarantee.

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