Jim Fobair says that by giving the testimony in thirty seconds and not to spend minutes talking and talking about a true story is the most effective way of proving to people that the product works and that the marketing of that product to other people works. The lose weight Bios Life Slim industry and its distributors apply this principle regularly. Tell not one short testimony or true life short story but a number of them but ensure that your audience does not get bored because attention spans of people these days is very short. The point here is that distributors must master their testimonial sand stories to the point that they are short to the point and drive the message home as to why people should use and market the product.

Another huge battle that distributors have is how they should answer the various objections that potential prospects have of the product and of the network marketing process involved in promoting the product. There are specific trainings held by the lose weight Bios Life Slim company to train distributors specifically on how to handle many different types of objections. The most common answer to most of these objections, according to Jim, is to say ‘is that an excuse not to buy and market the product ‘or ‘are you ready to go to work and make money for yourself’. The main things to find out from potential prospects is whether their objection is an excuse or a real problem and then work out the way to tackle the objection based on their answer to that question.

Jim says that distributors should always come back to the fact that the person said that they were completely serious about buying and marketing the product when they have objections. This is a tactic that is often used by lose weight Bios Life Slim product distributors. A common answer is that the prospect says that they have to talk and confirm the venture with their spouse before they can make a final decision as to whether they will buy and market the product. Jim says distributors must ask them exactly what they will ask their spouse. Ninety percent of the time the prospect will say they saw an MLM product and need to spend hundreds of dollars on it and ask their spouse if it is ok for them to spend that money and time on the MLM venture. The spouse will obviously not let them do it. The prospect must tell their spouse the life changing stories that they heard and that has more chance of convincing the spouse to provide permission for the prospect to enter the business.

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