How is it possible to lose weight and make money? Well, the silly answer would be to get 3 hard labor jobs and work all the time, so you are always working, always tired, and at the same time you are always making money. Of course, that’s also a recipe for dying early, just from sheer exhaustion. So if you are looking for a better way to shed some fat, lose weight, and make some money at the same time listen up, because there is now a product and a company which has exploded in the field of MLM.

The company is called One 24, and the product they make is called Natraburst. First let’s talk about the product because Natraburst is a truly unique drink since it only has 50 calories, and yet contains tons of vitamins and minerals and protein. This Superfood is comprised of 30 different vegetables, fruits, and proteins, it has more antioxidant capacity than multiple servings of fruits and vegetables, it has no gluten, MSG, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Not only that, but when mixed with a berry fruit drink, this stuff actually tastes like a fruit slushy when poured over a glass of ice.

Natraburst truly is a superfood because it aids digestion, decreases appetite, increases energy, aids in fat loss, and can actually be used  as a weight loss supplement or a body building supplement because it supports lean muscle mass and supports better recovery from exercise. Still, the best part about buying Natraburst, is that it gives you the opportunity to earn over $ 100,000 in less than 18 months.

One24 burst onto the scene midway through 2010 as a Multi-Level Marketing company with one single product, and a plan to help average Americans earn money during tough times. By simply sharing the product with others and finding at least 3 people who are willing to join the program, an average individual can achieve success in this company, and that includes earning over $ 100,000 in less that 18 months, which is detailed in the company compensation video.

There are many overweight people who cannot or will not exercise 2 hours per day or who cannot completely alter their lifestyle and diet, but at least with Natraburst, anyone can afford the product, drink it, and end up losing some weight if the product is used as a meal replacement or appetite suppressant. And while doing that, by simply purchasing the product, average people have the opportunity to earn large sums of money in the process. One24 is a legitimate company, with a legitimate product, and this is a legitimate opportunity for anybody who is tired of relying on social security or a job, either of which could end in the near future. Natraburst is not only a Superfood, but ONE-24 is a Super Company for anybody who would like to lose weight and make money.

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