I am going to tell you the top 5 weight loss secrets of thin people. Some think that thin people do not have to work hard to stay thin. That is not true. I have many friends that are thin and they are constantly working at maintaining their figure. They worry about weight loss and gaining weight. Here are some of their secrets:  

1. Water, Water, Water  

I can not express this enough. Water is very important. It keeps you hydrated throughout the day and helps you to feel full. Sometimes when we feel hungry we are actually thirsty.  

2.  When you are full stop

Listen to your body. It is something that was embedded in our brains as kids that we must eat everything on our plates. Well serving sizes are bigger now and a lot of restaurants serving portions are actually for two people. Take home the leftovers or share with your dining partner. Sometimes when we cook at home we feel like we do not want to waste the food. Save it for another night. Most thin people will tell you their secret is they stop when they are full and they do not always clear their plates. Listen to your body.  

3. Do not deprive yourself of foods you want to eat

To lose weight successfully you need to not starve yourself and deprive yourself of your favorite indulgences. Limit your indulgences. If you like potato chips try packing a 100 calorie snack bag full of chips and drink a big glass of water with it. If you like ice-cream put a scoop in a bowl and eat it. Still watch your portions. But if you do not eat your favorite foods and deprive yourself of them then you will end up over indulging and overeating when you do get a chance to eat them.  

4. Lose weight with a buddy  

When you have someone to be accountable to you usually succeed in the weight loss game. You and your buddy can report your success and failures and help each other through the diet and fitness plan you set for your self.  

5. Do not aim to high

Set your goals so that they can be accomplished. So many of us set big goals and the slightest mishap we want to just give up. Do not plan on doing an extremely exhausting work out plan your first week. You will get really sore and then not want to continue because you do not want to feel that pain again. Build your endurance. Start of with walking and doing some small muscle toning workouts, then work your way up to some higher calorie workouts if your body allows it. Listen to your body.  

If your main weight loss goal is to lose 80 pounds do not set that as your first goal. Say you want to lose 20 pounds so when you accomplish that you can set another goal to lose another 20 pounds. This will help you stay on tract a little better.

Tiffany Stonecipher

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