The general concept of losing weight these days is to consume fewer calories than one can burn during the course of the day. However, people these days are looking for options and ways by which they can actually lose weight faster.

One of the popular and widely used way by which weight loss happens is by consuming weight loss teas that are available in the market. Amongst various types, Green tea is one of the most popular weight loss teas. It is not just the weight loss that makes people consume green tea, but there are numerous other reasons too, which are beneficial to one’s health. Consumption of green tea helps in regulation of insulin level lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

The reason that makes green tea helpful for weight loss is the increase in metabolism rate that it brings. While the rate of metabolism increases, the amount of fat burnt is higher. It is believed that green tea has certain components that switch off the receptors in brain that are primarily responsible for giving us the urge to eat.

The main thing that makes Green tea such a popular weight loss aid are its characteristics, it is healthy. With a good concentration of antioxidants the chances of one suffering from diseases is quite unlikely as they fight against the harmful free radicals. As we know, a diet that is rich in antioxidants has been known to reduce the potential risks of diseases related to heart and also cancer. Hence, Green tea helps you in losing weight while protecting you from harmful diseases, keeping you healthy and slim!

Wondering what is it in Green tea that makes it work? According to studies Green tea has three main components that are responsible for helping one have a better health and also losing weight.

The caffeine contents in Green tea is far lesser than that in coffee or black tea and compare with that of Green tea. Many people believe that consumption of tea results in heart palpitation; however, this is one problem that does not happen in case of Green tea consumption. The best thing about green tea is its influence in speeding of the metabolism. Over the years it has been proved that people who include some amount of caffeine in their diets are more likely to lose weight than others.

The presence of antioxidants in Green tea is helpful when it comes to improvement of one’s health. Catechins is one antioxidant that is present in Green tea and it is believed to be excellent when it comes to weight loss as they helps in suppressing fat from food while reducing the cholesterol. While Catechins is effective in reducing cholesterol level in the body, it also helps in combating body fat.

Theanine is the main amino acid that is found in Green tea. The best part about theanine is its power to calm down one’s mind. If your mood swings too often then theanine is the perfect thing to have and Green tea is the best source to extract theanine from! Wondering how does this Theanine work? Well it releases Dopamine, which is produced by the brain and is responsible for providing the body with a sense of calmness. While your mind is cool, the effect of caffeine on your body is also taken care off.

This is perhaps the reason that acts as a suppressantof the caffeine effect. If you wonder why and how does Theanine contribute to the weight loss factor, then the simplest of answers that you can have is, ‘it does not help you in losing weight’. All it does is relaxes you, which reduces the urge of eating.

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