The Mental Diet for Weight Loss that Last!

Its spring again and it seems everywhere we go there are bathing suites and beach towels, adds for suntan lotion and beautiful bodies. If all this stuff has you thinking of yet another diet take a moment and read this first. It may save you not only money, but heart ache, loss of self esteem and your sanity. (I may be exaggerating just a bit, but then again maybe not).

Have you been living under the misconception that weight loss has to do with “controlling” what you eat like I used to?

Have you spent money on pills that promise you don’t have to do anything, and had them work for a while, and then went right back to where you were? Or maybe they didn’t work at all?

The trouble isn’t with what we eat, it’s in our thinking, or more accurately in our feelings about our bodies, ourselves, our lives and how we think about those things.

Let me ask you some questions.

What do you think you would eat if you really loved your body and wanted to take care of it? How important would eating be to you if you really loved your life and what you were doing? Would you spend your time obsessing about what to eat?

What if you found a physical activity that you love to do so much that you don’t even think about making it a priority, you just do?

I read an ebook by Lable Braun called, “In case of emergency Ask Question.” It is a great little book and I highly recommend it. Asking questions is the key to finding out everything, whether we need to lose weight, make more money, just be happier, or to bring more love into our lives. Who you ask is the key.

My feeling and my experience has been that no one knows me better than I do if I pay attention. I believe that we as a society have gotten so used to looking for expert advice that we forget that the only true expert on us is us. Think about it. Does your personal trainer instinctively know what you need or how to get you to do it? If they are good you will notice that they asked you a lot of questions. Why not ask them of yourself?

Ask yourself what motivates you and then just do it.

Why not ask yourself why you carry extra weight? And then act on the answer. Is it lack of love, lack of activity, just plain boredom or possibly an addiction? Target your unique area, and then ask your inner guidance what is the best plan or course of action to take. Is it to seek some counseling, or join a support group, to learn to meditate, take up photography, kite flying, swimming?

Lasting weight loss does begin with your thoughts and feelings, and the happier you are the healthier, stronger and leaner you will be. So maybe the first questions to start with for weight loss is what do you do that makes you happy?

Give yourself some quiet time to really check in and see how you feel. Chances are you know exactly what you need to do to lose weight. Eat less and better food and get more exercise. When you are happy and loving your life you will do these two things naturally.

Tracy Hale
Alternative Therapies Now
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