Aerobics has many benefits. Here are six key areas that aerobics cross training can really put you in great shape.

The first one is this: It sure gives a lot more things to do that just the same old exercise routine. There’s plenty of variety and it keeps everything fresh and alive.

The second one is: You will find that since there is a lot more excitement in this new way of doing exercise. Guess what? You are more likely to do this a lot more often and even spend more time.

The third point is: If you’re worried about getting injured. There is a far less chance of doing that since you are not doing the same muscle workouts over and over again. Doing this new kind of exercise will actually strengthen a larger group of muscles.

The fourth point: You exercise a lot more muscles which means you tone more muscles. For example walking builds up you lower body muscles. While rowing gets your muscles in shape in the upper part of your body. Even if you only walk and bike, this works out the lower part of your body. Biking will work out certain small muscles that walking simple will not accomplish. The same is true of how walking can exercise certain muscle groups that biking will not accomplish.

The fifth point: Aerobic conditioning only works out very specific muscle groups. If you run alot then you work out those muscles that it requires to run. If you find yourself almost out of breath on a stair stepper then you find you were not conditioned for this type of exercise. Cross training gives you an all around conditioning for your whole body.

The sixth point: Aerobic cross training has the incredible effect of burning more fat because you working way more muscles. Since you’re enjoying the exercises more you will do it longer and put more time into it. This means real weight loss and a great looking body!

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