Are you fat? Go ahead to weight loss! The mankind is getting fat – it is the fact. However, does this mean that stoutness is dangerous for health? “Surplus” is harmful or is it a psychological problem for most women? The facts about fat, obtained as a result of recent scientific researches, are truly amazing. Good, bad, angry It is considered that thicker a person is less healthy he is. So everybody seeks for weight loss. It’s not absolutely right as everything depends on the fat location in the body. The inner fat that is accumulated in the liver and abdominal organs is dangerous but not its subcutaneous “brother”. Internal fat can not be seen or touched. Its share to total fat content in the body is low. If the amount of fat in the body of a woman on average is 20-25 kg, 2,5-5 kg of them are internal, ventral. Anyway she dreams about weight loss. One can know the real volume of his inner “stock” only by the use of special procedure: a computer, or magnetic resonance imaging. But you will get the general idea of the fat excess if you measure waist circumference. Is it more than 85 cm? Then there is something to think of… Maybe you need weight loss? Why is internal fat is dangerous? It doesn’t affect on the appereance, sits quietly in abdomen, doesn’t bother anybody. But at the same time it actively throws out elements of fatty acids into the bloodstream, the latter in turn has a short circuit and so on. The excess of insulin, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol and triglycerides (fatty particles) in the blood – this is a a condition called “metabolic syndrome”. Usually, it precedes diabetes and heart disease. So weight loss is necessary for some people. Abdominal (belly) fat is a “pupil” of stress, concentrate of cortisol (stress hormone). When you have chronic anxiety, the body unleashes a wave of cortisol on the internal systems and simultaneously creates a “factory” for its processing – a layer of abdominal fat. An then we are looking for weight loss ways. Subcutaneous fat, on the contrary, does not bring harm to health. Neither the notorious crease at the waist that you critically examine at the mirror, nor hateful “breeches” at the hips are terrible. Scientists argue (convincingly) that “booty’s ears” serve as a protection from cardiovascular disease: excess fat from the bloodstream are deposited on the hips and do not clog arteries, and do not interfere in essential metabolic processes. So do we really need weight loss? There was carried out a study in Canada: under the supervision of doctors 12 pairs of male twins during 6 weeks were eating per day by 1000 kcal more than the norm. Both places of fat deposits and number of gained kgs within one pair of twins differed extremly! It is regarding the question that not everything in our lives is headed by genetics.

Anna Levand

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